Sadbhav Infrastructure Project Ltd. is involved in the development, operation and maintenance of national and state highways and roads in several states in India including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana and Telengana and border check posts in the state of Maharashtra.

We earn revenues primarily from the BOT road concessions in two ways, depending on whether it is a toll-based or an annuity-based concession. Nine of the ten BOT projects are toll projects (including service fee for the border check posts in Maharashtra), while the remaining one is an annuity project.

Our operational projects cover approximately 2,290 lane kms and the projects under development cover 1,448 lane kms. In addition, as of September 30, 2014, our subsidiary MBCPNL operates 13 check posts and are developing 9 more check posts for our Maharashtra border check post project.

The details of amount due towards creditors aggregating Rs 0.1million or more as on the date of filing of Red Herring Prospectus dated August 19,2015

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  • Sadbhav

    Current business : SIPL is engaged in

    • EPC work for MBCPNL pertaining to IT & allied works, computer hardware, software, electronic equipment, electrification, canopy works, road signage & gantry works and furniture/accessory related works
    • Advisory and Project Management Fees related to its SPVs

  • Sadbhav

    Future business : SIPL plans to foray into

    • Toll Operation of its SPVs
    • Routine Maintenance Services of its SPVs
    • Major Maintenance Services of its SPVs
    • Due to capacity augmentation clauses in some of its SPVs, company retains the right to widen the existing road which is a huge potential of EPC income for the company in future
    • Providing consultancy services related to border check posts projects in India
  • Standalone Financials-SIPL
    Particulars (Rs mn) FY14 FY13 FY12
    Total Revenue 1,158.3 1,166.8 954.6
    EBITDA 538.6 382.1 430.3
    %margin 46.5% 32.7% 45.1%
    Interest 526.8 214.2 42.4
    PAT 6.1 117.1 259.2
    Networth 8,318.6 8,312.5 6,946.5
    Total Debt 6,713.1 3,475.6 1,247.9
  • Consolidated Financials-SIPL
    Particulars (Rs mn) FY14 FY13 FY12
    Total Revenue 3,967.6 3,154.5 1,987.5
    EBITDA 2,176.9 2,068.3 1,279.1
    %margin 2,176.9 2,068.3 1,279.1
    Interest 3,623.7 1,952.7 718.4
    PAT after Minority Int. (397.3) (784.0) (13.3)
    Networth 8,547.5 8,944.8 8,031.4
    Total Debt 51,837.5 37,528.2 28,567.7
  • Sadbhav

    Future Business Strategy

    • With less competition in the BOT Roads and Highway sector, SIPL is in a strong position to win projects with desired return
    • Possibility of acquiring potential Assets in Road Sector
    • To maximize return to stake holder by way of adopting prudent Financial Planning (Investment Trust, Bonds, Securitization, Refinance, Stake Sale at asset level etc..)
    • To bid for large projects in Joint Venture with strong Domestic and International Players

With less competition in the BOT Roads and Highway sector, SIPL is in a strong position to win projects with desired return

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  • Sadbhav

    Revenue (FY 14) – Rs 3,968 mn

    • Awarded SUTPL, RBTPL, RHTPL
    • Achieved COD of BHTPL, RPTPL, HYTPL,
    • Achieved COD of 11 Check Posts in MBCPNL
    • Acquired 100% stake in AJTL & NSEL
    • Raised 1,300 mn via debt placement
    • PE of Rs 4,000 mn by Norwest Venture Partners & Xander
    • Awarded BHTPL, HYTPL, RPTPL
    • Awarded MBCPNL first of its kind project in India
    • Achieved COD of AJTL, NSEL,
    • Awarded Annuity project NSEL
    • Achieved COD of ARRIL
    • Awarded ARRIL - First on its kind
    • Awarded AJTIL
    • Awarded first Road BOT project – Mumbai Nasik Expressway